The Human Rights Campaign is committed to making sure that no American can be evicted from an apartment, fired from a job or refused service at a restaurant because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our job was to educate HRC’s membership and supporters in Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina and in targeted Virginia Senate districts about the need for non-discrimination ordinances and make it clear which municipal candidates would support the legislation and which would not. We also needed to instill a sense of urgency about the importance of voting in these off-year elections.

The goal of this piece was to show HRC members which candidates could be counted on to protect their values.

While we needed to promote candidates who would support a human rights ordinance, we wanted to make sure voters knew everything about them.

Getting an HRO passed in Charlotte didn’t just mean electing pro-equality challengers, but holding on to long-standing allies like Luwanna Mayfield