In Prince William County, we helped Jeremy McPike win what turned out to be one of the biggest, most contested battles in the struggle for control of the state senate. Beginning with a hard-fought primary, it was a long road with a lot of challenges. Specifically, we needed to expand Jeremy’s base while convincing swing voters that his opponent was tied too closely to national Republicans.

Building a solid profile of Jeremy was key, as it served as the foundation of those efforts. Fortunately, his service as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, his shared experiences as a father and commuter, and his deep roots in the local community gave us a lot to work with.

Despite the concerted effort of the NRA and other national conservative groups to push Jeremy’s opponent over the top, Jeremy held on and kept this open seat Blue.

We needed to introduce Jeremy McPike as a commuter, dad and volunteer firefighter, who had real solutions on the regions traffic problems.

When your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, this is the kind of traffic information that you should really want to know.

Our polling showed that voters were very troubled by our opponents poor track record on education, and at the same time we needed to tie him to Richmond Republicans.

In a series of pieces targeting pro-choice voters, we laid out Hal Parrish’s troubling record on women’s health care.

We couldn’t let Hal Parrish get away with claiming to be a traffic problem solver when his record said otherwise.