SEIU - Stronger Together

SEIU partnered with CASA to increase turnout among low propensity Latino voters in a targeted Northern Virginia Senate race.

The goal of our mail was to emphasize the importance of voting in the off-year election and educate voters about candidates positions on issues facing working families.

In the end, turnout in our base precincts over performed their turnout levels in previous elections and the project received national coverage.


In order to engage a new electorate, we needed to start by persuading them that their interests were at stake.

This piece sought to show working Latino voters that they, too, deserve to be part of the American Dream, and to convince them that Jeremy McPike would fight to make sure they are.

Drawing a distinction with our opponent in the minds of voters was important, but we had to do it in terms of what mattered to their daily lives.

Since we were targeting a universe of potential new voters, it was crucial to make sure they understand when, where and how to vote.