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Doug Jones for US Senate

When Donald Trump tapped Jeff Sessions to become attorney general and vacate his Senate seat, few people could imagine that any Democrat could win in a statewide race in Alabama. But Doug Jones is not any Democrat.

Doug is an Alabama native who, as a federal prosecutor, convicted the Ku Klux Klan members responsible for the notorious 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that killed four little girls in 1963.  Conversely, Roy Moore had a record that was the antithesis of Doug Jones, particularly among African American voters.

We designed a mail program that first introduced Doug and his economic message to African-Americans. After introducing Doug we began showing voters what we knew, from our focus group research, worked best to motivate them. While Moore’s sexual transgressions dominated the news, we found that educating voters about Moore’s racist past was much more effective.

Black voters turned out and made up 29% of the electorate on election day—a larger percentage than either of Barack Obama’s elections—and a whopping 96% of them voted for Doug Jones. That historical turnout and overwhelming margin was enough to eek out a victory by less than two percentage points, despite underperforming with white voters.

Democrat Doug Jones Will Be a Voice For All of Us

The Klansmen who killed these 4 little girls went free for 39 years...

...Doug Jones brought them to justice.

The Issue We Face At Our Kitchen Tables Matter

We need opportunity for Every Child In Every Classroom

Roy Moore fought TO KEEP racism enshrined in Alabama

George Wallace Fought to Protect Segregation

Roy Moore has lower standards and still comes up short.

Roy Moore thinks our right to vote is a problem

Vote Tuesday December 12 for Doug Jones

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