Case Studies

Kathy Tran

We Set Out to Use Mail to Tell Kathy’s Story

Working with Kathy Tran in District 42, we set out to use mail to tell Kathy’s story. Kathy, along with her mother and father, was a Vietnam “Boat Refugee”, escaping the war-torn country when she was less than a year old to start anew in America. Through her hard work and a belief in the power of education she achieved the American Dream.

This story, along with Kathy’s experience in the Department of Labor and strong, progressive values, resonated with primary voters, and helped set up a general election match-up between Kathy and Lolita Mancheno-Smoak, Tea Party activist, and a proud Trump supporter. By connecting Smoak to Trump we were able to help Kathy Tran become the first Asian-American women ever elected to the House of Delegates, taking over 61% of the vote for an open seat in a district that had been in Republican hands for 23 years.

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