Our Approach

How We Do It


Committed Client Support

At Resonance Campaigns, we take a collaborative approach to developing a winning communications program. By limiting the number of clients we take on each cycle, we ensure that every campaign gets partner-level attention, as well as a designated Account Executive who will make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Top-Notch Strategy

Our firm is comprised of former pollsters, campaign managers, and communications professionals with experience winning political campaigns at all levels and in every region of the country. Managing Partner Scott Simpson spent six years as a pollster before transitioning to mail, and that unique perspective informs our entire firm’s approach to print. We communicate messages that work with the audiences you need to reach.


Breakthrough Creative

Partners Sean Whitson and Tricia Cavell have been at the forefront of creative political mail for over a decade. Together, they ensure that our mail stands out in mail boxes, gets noticed, and persuades. As voters are subjected to more and more political communications, they’ve grown savvy to typical fare, which is why our mail pieces have more in common with corporate advertising than standard campaign ads. The results speak for themselves.

Resonance Campaigns
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