Our Mission

If your message doesn’t resonate, it might inform, but it will never persuade. We combine strategic precision and arresting creativity to build direct mail and digital messaging that connects to voters and moves them to your side. That’s Resonance. It’s messaging that actually moves people.

Resonance Campaigns is a full service direct mail and digital communications firm with a mission to advance progressive candidates and policies.

Managing Partner Scott Simpson and Partner/Creative Director Sean Whitson came together to launch Resonance Campaigns in January 2015, building from a combined 15 years of experience in direct mail. The partnership ensures that all clients have at least two seasoned operatives working on their accounts.

As one of the only African American-owned national firms in the progressive space, Resonance is particularly attuned to the changing demographics of the American electorate. Voters can no longer be easily divided into a base which requires turnout motivation, and swing voters who need to be persuaded; winning now requires increasing one’s share of core constituencies and voters who haven’t historically participated in the democratic process. Resonance is uniquely positioned to communicate to diverse audiences and on behalf of non-traditional candidates, which is a strategic imperative in today’s electoral environment.

Resonance Campaigns
913 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001