Case Studies

Arizona IE Table

Our firm has been proud to work in Arizona for multiple cycles.

Most recently, we partnered with progressive organizations through Arizona Wins, the state’s independent expenditure table, to communicate with persuasion audiences and drive clear contrasts on health care, public education, and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our work helped progressives in the state hold the line in 2020, a year that was overall very difficult for down-ballot Democrats nationally.

In 2020 we also built a targeted mail program for AAPI voters in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District that was translated into both Mandarin and Vietnamese. This demographic is among one of the fastest-growing communities in Phoenix and Scottsdale and was an essential turnout target for Hiral Tipirnei’s campaign. We highlighted her biography with this audience and gave clear information on the methods of voting available to them in the midst of the pandemic.

We were also involved in Native American and Tribal communications, specifically to the Navajo and Hopi Nations, where we worked with members to develop a mail program that highlighted recent positive investments in local indigenous communities and encouraged tribal members to turnout for the 2020 election. Our program was developed in partnership with Native artists and translated into the Diné and Hopílavayi to provide authentic communication.

For two cycles, we’ve worked with the Arizona Education Association to help them communicate electoral priorities to their members. Their members have worked to help educate Arizona students despite dramatic funding cuts by the legislature and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mail programs encouraged AEA members to elect candidates who will fund Arizona public schools.

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