Case Studies

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Resonance has produced turnout and legislative advocacy mail programs for members of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters in six states.

Carpenters have fought hard for progress and made significant gains throughout the years, both on the federal level and state levels where we worked with them to create a series of custom voter registration forms and concept mail pieces designed to protect the provisions put forth in the Davis-Bacon Act.

In 2021, “Carpenters can’t risk it all on a recall” was our main message in light of the attempted recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom. We partnered with the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters to communicate a clear point to their members: a recall would put prevailing wage agreements, collective bargaining rights, investments in infrastructure, and protections from out-of-state corporations in jeopardy. Communicating all that would be at risk helped drive record turnout in the September election and issued a resounding “no” to the recall attempt statewide.

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